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My promotion expired.

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I told her that I needed another promotion or I would have to cancel. She told me that I should cancel service then.

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So I did. I told her to cancel and she did. There was no attempt to save me as a customer at all. I guess Comcast is willing to accept the risk of losing customers over their new policy. Heck, with all of the money they make on other customers, they could take a loss on a few by keeping them on board with discounts. Same thing just happened to me.

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My promotional internet only rate expires on the 18th of the month. When I signed up the CSR told me that I could simply obtain a new promotion by just calling back and asking for it at the end of my current promotion. Well so much for that. Not sure if that will work or if I have to wait a certain amount of time. If anybody has tried this or has any tips they would like to share, that would be great. I dropped Comcast Triple Play when they refused to give me anything after approx 8 years with them.

Worse yet, the rotten rep in Mn.

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Comcast is horrible , bad service , bad reps, bad techs and rude to boot. I really do hope they go broke. What more can I say. I hate this blood sucking company. Oh, did I forget to tell you about all the missed appointments? Comcast are bandits. I have been refused promotional offers as of the recent month while my good friend and neighbor went off his promotion at the same time. We both have been with Comcast since their beginnings. We both paid our bills on time. I am probably more tactful and a better communicator in that my friends gets hotheaded.

Bottom line is I am signing on with an attorney in L. If I did this in my small business, I would be sued and out of business. And the ultimate goodie — no more ads. For the Big Game, I go to a sports bar, and I can get anything broadcast locally over my indoor antenna. Help I recently cut my cable service from Spectrum though continue to pay for land line and internet with Spectrum which cut my bill by more than half.

Any suggestions for DVR for this?

Can I do it without a large monthly fee? I was also surprised that I miss not knowing TV schedule and when some of my favorites are on. Who knew — I had gotten spoiled with 12 years of Spectrum and satellite before that.

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Resurrecting an old thread…it seems that Comcast is no longer willing to budge for anyone. I guess they finally have enough data to show that the vast majority of customers who threaten to cancel never actually do. Called in twice over Christmas, the first time they let me get all the way to setting a disconnect date.

I would try again. Make sure you talk to the team that handles downgrading service and not to the general customer service reps. Ask if they have any specials for current customers and see what happens.


How to Lower your Comcast Bill Price (XFinity TV & Internet Negotation)

Whenever I call, they always will run through various packages they have running. I would be interested in this as well. I canceled the Comcast cable, but kept the internet to use the Roku. Soon after giving me a decent price per month for the internet, they claimed I was using an astronomical amount of internet per month that I would need to buy a larger package or be charged a huge rate per gigabyte that went over the said monthly amount. Your email address will not be published.

Table of Contents. I am off to another carrier or perhaps, just use technology, as a previous entry suggests. Keep me posted on what you end up doing. Comcast deserves to go down the tubes … long live the internet! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Thanks again for visiting Money Smart Guides. My goal for Money Smart Guides is simple: to help you become a master of your financial future. You do this by learning to overcome your debt, making smarter spending choices and start investing for your future.

When you succeed, I succeed. By teaching you about personal finance, you can take the steps needed to secure your financial future. As always, if you have any questions or want help with any personal finance issue, please contact me. I will do my best to help you out and answer any of your questions. In addition, each new user gets a MB of free data too. Combined with the transparent, reasonable pricing and complete lack of contracts, the ability to share your connection and earn free data gives Karma an awesome competitive edge.

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Many companies are sprouting up and using the surge in online television consumption to their advantage. While obvious ones like Netflix are attempting to revolutionize TV with their streaming network services and engaging original content, there are others that simply want to help consumers bypass purchasing basic cable packages just to watch network TV. One such example is Aereo , which allows subscribers to stream over-the-air channels via tiny antennas located offsite in an Aereo warehouse.

Comcast has their hands in a bunch of different cookie jars, and competitors will have to attack multiple markets to fully take them down. If enough consumers hate the way you do business, other services will come up through the cracks and alleviate their pain points. No business can leave customer value and satisfaction out of the picture forever, not even a beast like Comcast. We're here to help! Tags: pricing strategy , customer value , product differentiation , price intelligently , perceived value , profit maximization.

About Plans Blog. So Have I. Tucker Dawson. Price Discrimination Can Infuriate Consumers Comcast has a very unique and annoying way of practicing price discrimination , which is the strategy of selling the same product at different prices to different groups of consumers based on the maximum they are willing to pay. Summary: Comcast's Monopolistic Tactics Might Work for Them, But They Won't Work for Your Business Comcast has their hands in a bunch of different cookie jars, and competitors will have to attack multiple markets to fully take them down.

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