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Plus when i do try, i suck. I frequently burn popcorn, i make bad coffee, i can never master the milk to cereal ratios in bowls of cereal, and i turned my 'cookies' into whatever this is. I don't think any of those even class as cooking. That's how bad i am. You've not felt shame until you've watched your 8 year old step sister make pancakes from scratch, while she tells you "you're probably going to die if they stop making microwave foods". If it's any help, people who cook well do so because they've made those mistakes and learned from them.

For instance, I had to do cookies incorrectly in every conceivable way so that now I know what not to do and cookies usually come out fine. Also, people underestimate baking. There is a lot of chemistry going on and many parameters to satisfy. You are a moron, and not just because of your random capitalisation.

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Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. People of reddit who can't cook, what's the deal? People follow recipes to a T? Again, if you're baking, follow that shit to a T. Continue this thread.


No argument here. Mac and cheese likes getting all up in me. I can kind of understand it, up to a point.

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Everything burns. I can cook, just nothing amazing.

So, what's the deal with rice cookers? : Cooking

Every time I try, I get my penis stuck in a cheese-grater. Is it what in most countries would just be bog standard sea salt or is there something else special about it? No, it's quite a bit coarser than regular table salt with granules that look identical to normal white sugar. That makes it less salty for the same volume and it makes it a lot easier to grab a pinch and season as you're cooking. It's not nearly as coarse as coarse sea salt the kind that you would normally grind before using though.

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  • People of reddit who can't cook, what's the deal? : AskReddit.
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  • And it's super cheap, unlike any kind of fancy coarse salt. I recall once making cookies with it instead of table salt, and ended up with weird So I guess my question is - is it only meant for cooking? I just pour table salt into my hand usually before putting it into my dishes and never had trouble.

    I'm not sure I know what you mean by table salt? Most of the salt I can buy is intended for grinders. For me that's what I mean by bog standard sea salt.

    Funny, kosher salt around here is the most expensive. So I picked up pickling salt instead.

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    • It's bigger than kosher, but like half as expensive. Pretty much the same. Differs from table salt in grain size. Easier to grab, and bigger salt crystals taste less salty as finishing salts. Typically don't contain iodine, anti caking agents and are thus a bit cleaner in flavor and uses for things like fermentation where iodine and anti caking agents can stall or cloud ferments. Makes a great salt rim for drinks as well, what you think of on a margarita glass etc. Chefs find that kosher salt — due to its large flake size — is easier to pick up with your fingers and spread over food.

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      I just regular salt at home, and because of limited financial means, find it more valuable to be flexible with limited cookware. I always found seasoning with Morton's kosher salt to be kind of clumsy, at least relative to using the smaller crystals of other salts. Got some Diamond for the first time and it seems to be much better to finish with because the flakes are lighter and you can easily crumble it with your fingers. Very good book. I remember him being derisive about kosher.