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Tera Online High Elf Female Warrior Fashion Coupons

June 19 in Console - General Discussion. I don't understand why fashion coupons no longer drop, first the fc store was empty with the server merge and we keep getting "It will be fixed this week" They just did away with my favourite part of the game.

Fashion Coupon

Is there any point in playing anymore? I want to be able to customize my character without paying for it, I'd rather use my money on mounts but if FC is done for then maybe I'm done with this game. June Not only are fashion coupons coming back, in one form or another, but the sheer amount of previously unavailable glamour choices is going to be mind blowing.

Plate Armor. Heavy, plate armor for Berserkers and Lancers.

Elin-only leather armor for the Reaper class. Weapons for all classes, excluding Reaper. The old remodelling system was removed from NA Tera in the first half , following similar changes in K-Tera.

How to get Fashion Coupons now? :: TERA General Discussions

The remodelling NPC was removed at this time and a new currency was introduced which could be used to buy the 'new' costume items. Fashion Coupons are the 'currency' used to purchase costume templates in game. Costumes that can be bought with them are all listed on this site, however, they cannot be used to buy the Cash Shop specific costumes such as the Pirate outfits or the School Uniforms.

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All of the Fashion Coupon templates are basically one-piece costumes based on older armor sets that are available in game. Free players receive 5 coupons in the mail at the end of each successful instance run, whilst Elite players receive 10 per successful run.

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The Giants in Lorcada and the Kumas' in Scythera Fae have a chance to drop 10 coupons each and are popular farming spots for people trying to collect coupons in a hurry. Some higher level instances such as Kelsaik's Nest 5-man , Balder's Temple, Manaya's Core and Argon Corpus can be soloed by level 65 characters or run with a pre-made group, and the bosses inside do occasionally drop Fashion Coupons.

Still, if you are able to solo Kelsaik for instance, it can be a useful way to farm coupons by yourself, especially if the other popular farming spots are busy.

1stclass-ltd.com/wp-content/catch/881-sms-kann.php Additionally, EME has held events in the past in which boxes of Fashion Coupons per box were purchasable from an event vendor, but this has yet to be repeated. Some of these boxes are occasionally to be found on the broker, usually for around 30k gold each at the time of writing.

Fashion Coupon Galleries

To see and purchase items with your Fashion Coupons simply right click the coupon stack in your bag. A vendor window should open, within which you can browse for the item you wish to buy. To preview items simply control-right click on whatever you wish to view.