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But, if you frequently use UberEats and dine out more in general, the Uber Visa Card is a better choice.

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For consumers who use both Uber and UberEats, it's a toss-up between both cards. Looking beyond Uber rewards, foodies and travelers can benefit more from the Uber Visa Card, while fans of Apple can get more value from the Apple Card. You can maximize rewards by having both the Apple Card and Uber Visa Card, or simply choose one card based on the overall rewards program and features. Like this story? Get Make It newsletters delivered to your inbox.

Visa Requirements For UBER & Lyft Drivers

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Apple Card in the Wallet App. Don't miss: I used the new Apple Card for a week in New York City—here's what I learned Here's how the Apple Card's 'Daily Cash' works The Apple Card launches to select users today—here's everything you need to know Experts aren't all impressed by Apple's new credit card, but here's why it could be a good choice for you Like this story?

Earn Uber Cash When Shopping Or Eating Out - Your Mileage May Vary

VIDEO Here's what U. Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon carries in his wallet. Trending Now. Follow Us. Privacy Policy Terms of Service Contact. This is for Uber account that is used a lot, I get no offers on unused account. Seems strange they keep targeting me, they must know where I live right? Must be because of competition in SF where both Uber and Lyft are constantly fighting each other.

Earn Uber Cash When Shopping Or Eating Out

It will be nice if we could figure out the logic behind the target promo. She only takes trips in a week. We live in NYC. The entitlement in this thread is staggering.

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The coupons are not out of the sheer goodness of their heart…. Non sequitur.

Experience convenience when you pay with your Visa cards.

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